As you know, we take great pride in having a clean & rose-smelling store at all times. We are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of our family, our clients and the community as a whole:

⚠️ we are trying our best to frequently update our social media channels. If you would like to purchase something you see, you may DM and pay using Venmo/Cash App to pick up at a later date. We also have gift cards available. 

✔️we kindly ask you to please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of ANY illness or have been in contact with anyone who has been sick.

✔️we will clean & disinfect frequently touched surfaces every hour (door handle & counters) +the credit card machine after each use.

✔️we have hand sanitize at the entrance & our bathroom sink is available upon request to wash your hands.

✔️at the beginning of each day for the next 7 days, we will steam all our current & new inventory as heat also kills bacteria.

✔️as always, we ask that all items brought for consignment consideration are cleaned prior & have not been stored for a long time as this encourages bacteria growth.

✔️you should always wash any new garments wether new or preloved before wearing it.

✔️We will continue to monitor the city, state & federal mandates as well as follow the recommendations of the CDC which we have linked for your reference.…/commu…/home/cleaning-disinfection.html

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